Race Planning

Sometimes I wake up and think to myself, “you know what I’d like? A big hot mess to clean up at 5:30 this morning.” No wait, no one thinks that, but that’s precisely what happened today.

I had an empty jar of peanut butter (which, PS, Naturally More is the best peanut butter out there and I will not be listening to anyone that says otherwise) and I was going to pour hot oats in there. Last minute decision to just make the oats in the jar and this is what came out of my microwave two minutes later…

(Doesn’t this just look like the epitome of Friday morning fun??)

Several curse words and another attempt later (I was determined to use this jar for my oats) I get to sit down with a lovely breakfast and fill you in on the last few days!

IMG_1856(A little less “hot mess,” a little more “I really don’t feel like doing many dishes today)

Wednesday night I went for a last minute girl’s date with a good friend to Kiki’s Bistro. She’s been there all the time but I’ve never been. I had already eaten a small dinner snacked a little before leaving so I decided to just get the French Onion soup. Oh and wine. Because I was at a French bistro, duh.


Now this is how French Onion soup is supposed to look. Not only is it one of my all-time favorite foods but Kiki’s version is so delicious and authentically French tasting. Definitely the comfort food I was looking for that night. And the cheese! If you haven’t had it, go get yourself a thousand pounds a block of gruyere cheese and put it on your soup. You’ll be all like “parmesan who?”

Thursday’s Workout: 3.0 miles at 6mph.

It was a quick, easy, consistent workout. Wanted to taper it down before I rested Friday and ran Saturday (I’m thinking it may be a pace run day).

**On  a side note: I think I may want to stop describing my runs in speed and start doing it in pace. Lately I feel like I’m talking about a car with all this mph nonsense.

***On another side note, I’m thinking about signing up for another race in the next month. My first one for the year isn’t until Memorial Day weekend and that’s too far away for my liking. Which reminds me, check out my new Race Schedule page to learn how better to stalk me which races you should be doing in Chicago this year.

Question: Ever had gruyere cheese? What’s your favorite kind of cheese? I don’t discriminate on cheese because I love it all but lately sharp/extra sharp cheddar has been making me happy.

Have you ever raced in Chicago? Any suggestions? Ones you love, ones you’ll never do again?


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