Picking Up Speed

I was supppper sluggish this morning and it somehow took me almost an hour from waking up to get to the gym and be ready to work out. YIKES! Therefore I had to make my workout much shorter than I had planned. I figured today would be a good enough day to work on being able to pick up my pace.

Workout: 5K run at interval speeds. It looked a lot like this. 

0-.75   6 mph

.75-1.0    6.7mph

1-1.5     6.0 mph

1.5-2     6.7 mph

2-2.5     6.0 mph

2.5-3.0     6.7 mph

3.0-3.25     7.0 mph

The original plan was to run the last 3/4 mile at an 8:57 pace but I wanted to get some arms in so I picked up the pace and ran at 7.0 mph (8:34 pace).

It was so much easier than I thought it would be, which makes me believe that I think I have to pick up the pace more often. My endurance seems to be building considerably!

Arm exercises consisted of shoulder raises (front and side) and overhead presses, and then I threw in some standing oblique crunches and planks. Had to hustle though because I was running late.

 photo 1

[Me and a few of my favorite things at the gym! Please ignore my awkward “I washed my hands but used my shirt instead of paper towel” wet spot. Don’t ignore my sweet Champion Double Dry tank top, but I couldn’t find a link for it online]

I made my Overnight Oats with a little more milk than usual and a little less oats. (I also subbed about half the chia seeds for ground flaxseed) It turned out dreamy! I mixed in blueberries, almonds, and a spoonful of preserves.

photo 2

Spent the day making fun of all my friends that complained about the snow storm looking jealously out at the snow and wanting to frolic in it. It looks really beautiful and hopefully Ican get some great Instagram pics out of it.

Dinner consisted of leftovers and ended the most delicious way possible:


Chocolate chips! (take that handful times a few)


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