Sunday Foodie Funday!

Here’s a quick Sunday recap, mostly in photos! My parents came down and took my sister and I to Native Foods Cafe since Julia is vegan. It was my dad’s first time eating vegan meats and it was very interesting. I feel terrible I didn’t take any pictures before we started eating but it was all so good and were were all starving.


[One of the two apps we got, Polenta and Corn cakes. These are probably my favorite things on the menu! We also had Nachos that were very good. No pic though because those got ugly fast.]



[I did, however, get this awesome picture of my mom eating a nacho, in between bites of her italian meatball sub-also delish]


[My lovely parents. Clearly my dad takes things very. seriously.]


[My half of a portabella mushroom and sausage burger. It was so incredibly delicious and it came with sweet potato fries that I could eat by the pound. Only ate half the sandwich because it was so filling. See if you can spot the whole clove of garlic hanging out in my sandwich. Nom nom nom.]


[My dad’s first bite of seitan. He was a trooper but not a fan.]

[The remains of the free chocolate cupcake we got. I guess it was alright.]

Ended my day with my first outdoor run in 4 months! It was pretty warm so me and my sister did laps around this little pond near my apartment, just to see how quickly we could run a mile. We almost broke our hips slipped on some ice but finished it in 8:25. Quite a fast one! And of course I gave into my frozen yogurt craving, even if it was only 30 degrees out.


A great Sunday indeed!


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