Quinoa Suggestions

Got a short but sweet post for the day. It was uneventful but I’m really curious about your feedback!

Workout: After the intense weekend I wanted to take a quick break from running so I did PBFinger’s 25-minute Treadmill Walking Workout. I’ve done this one  a few times and I love how fast and intense it is. Then I re-did Saturday’s ab circuit as quickly as I could and it felt awesome! I think I’ll be good for about 2 or 3 more days before I need to start thinking of new workouts.

Breakfast: Cranberry Cashew Granola cereal with blueberries and almonds with some half vanilla soy milk, and a banana. Blender bottles are soooooo convenient.


My spoon even fits into it when I’m done! One container breakfast=less to clean.

Dinner: leftover salmon from a few days ago. I also have so many leftovers from this weekend to get through. (Though I will admit I’m really excited to start cooking again.)

Question: Do you have any favorite quinoa recipes??? I bought a bag of it this weekend and I have no idea what dishes to make with it! Please please comment with any suggestions. I am the least picky eater either!


[Help me, I need a recipe to call home!!!!]


2 thoughts on “Quinoa Suggestions

  1. Use it in place of rice or couscous in a dish or add it to roast vegetable salad/mix. You can cook it in either plan salted water or vegetable/meat broth to add flavour. Also, you could cook it in milk and have it as a pudding/breakfast (like oats) with honey and bananas and nuts, etc. I wish my family liked it so I could cook it more often 😦 I love it plain with a curry or stir fry, it soaks up flavour so well!

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