A Long and Eventful Saturday!

What an eventful day yesterday! I have tons and tonnssss of photos to post (mostly food) and lots to tell you about my workout yesterday.

Had an early morning first breakfast while waiting for  my gym to open and catching up on blogs:


Cereal bowl with cashew cranberry granola, banana, blueberries, chia seeds, almonds, and soy milk. (I swear there’s cereal somewhere in there)


Along side some coffee out of one of my favorite mugs.

Workout: 5k at 6.0mph, then another mile at 6.7mph. Tried out my first rogression run because my friend Caitlin and I set a goal to run a sub 2 hour half when we do the Chicago Half Marathon in September. So we’re working on getting down to a 9:00 min pace.

Definitely had some wonderful periods while running, and especially when I had that “this is so easy!” thought about halfway through the 5K. (Also, worked a bit on my forward lean and my abs were burning at certain points. Awesome!) Then the extra mile was mentally tough, mostly because I was fatigued from the beginning, but I guess that’s the point of progression runs. Ugh. My thoughts were less “this is awesome” and more “bah, I still have 0.9 miles can this just be over please?” I imagine this is what miles 13.2-26.2 will be like when I encounter them, but probably multiplied by like 1,000,000,000.

Why do people willingly sign up for these races again?!?

No better time to start training my brain than the present, I guess.

Then I did a circuit of ab exercises that felt incredible! They went by really quickly too!


Went back home and munched on half an apple while making myself some two-ingredient pancakes for second breakfast, aka post workout meal. 

photo 1

photo 2

These turned out pretty ugly, I know, but I was impatient and flipped them both too early. Put a big spoonful of extra crunch peanut butter in between the two cakes so I had an oozy, yum, nutty, delicious mid-morning meal.

The plan for lunch was to eat at Bourgeois Pig Cafe with my sister but when we got there it was incredibly crowded 😦 so we had to take our food to go.

IMG_1830(I’ve loved everything I’ve ever eaten there, and all the food is named after major literary works/literary things. Their biggest con is that dine-in space is really limited in the winter when it’s too cold to eat on their gorgeous patio.)

Julia had the East of Eden without cheese, which here looks like two pieces of bread and a ton of spinach. 


(I promise there are mushrooms, pesto, hummus, and other yummies in there and it’s not just rabbit food)

I had one of their more popular sandwiches, The Sun Also Rises. I chopped up a bell pepper to eat along side it, and it was oh so good. I wish it was still hot since it was a grilled sandwich, but we had to walk home so it cooled down a bit. Still so so yummy. I loved the bread especially!


Also spent most of the day catching up on Downton and cleaning. I just have the Season 3 finale to watch and I plan on doing that today. No spoilers! 

Have a ton of exciting things planned for today, including lunch with the whollleee family! (A rare occurrence, given our schedules)

One last thing: My awesome big Caitlin finally has her blog up! Read up on it to hear about her amazing food and running adventures. We have some pretty lofty goals for 2013!


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