Salmon Stir Fry

This is what happens when you decide you want to get to the gym the minute it opens…

photo copy

NOT this random woman in the coat, but the 20 person line to the elevator.  (Yeah, yeahhh, why do I complain about the line for the elevator when I should be using the stairs? Well, 7 stories of stairs are tough at 5:30 in the morning. But maybe I’ll try it out next time)


2.5 miles, 6.0mph (kept it shorter because my legs were feeling yesterday’s deadlifts)

Weight training and abs (I put the smack down on my abs)

  • Standing oblique crunches
  • Weighted sit ups (4 sets of 11 with a 7.5lb weight)
  • Overhead shoulder presses
  • Biceps Curls
  • Shoulder Raises (front and side)

Feel the need to discuss the delicious dinner I made today that was centered around this guy

photo 4One of those long ago finds from my mother’s extensive pantry so I’m not sure where she actually purchased it, but it sounded delicious today. (My eternal laziness also means this dinner is going to be of the one-pan variety)

I had some brussels sprout in the fridge that were begging me to use them because they were thinking about going all wilt-y on me (I foiled those guys!) so they needed to be used.

photo 3


My little sprouts all nestled with some olive oil, garlic, and bok choy. I have a pretty consistent craving for bok choy. Not sure why, but I find it so delicious!

photo 1 copy 2

After a few minutes I tossed on the simmer sauce and cuddled in a salmon fillet that had been defrosting. Here’s the end result, with a few corn chips and some sliced up cucumber:

photo 2 copyAs soon as dinner was cooked I realized that my eyes were bigger than my stomach and I had made way too much. I put half the salmon and green veggies in a Tupperware and plated the rest (I’m proud of me, man, I’m usually just a scarf-er). It was a pretty low carb deal because I spent earlier this evening munching on my newest discovery:

photo 2

Cowboy Caviar=the bomb

I plan on resting tomorrow because I have a very open weekend ahead of me, and that means lots of time to dedicate to the gym! I want to run longer than normal, and make the most of my strength training, so I think my body will appreciate sitting in and watching Downton all Friday night. True Life: My Life is Sooooo Exciting.

And if you must know what I had for breakfast, it was purple Overnight Oats (thank you blueberries!)

photo 1



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