British TV Overload

Finally got a good run in! (It’s about d*** time too! This leg has been killing me mentally since it happened)

5K, 6.0mph, (with a 5 min warm up at 3.0mph and cool down)

I paid lots of attention to my form today and it seems that when I have no pain in my calf muscle. There were a few steps when I started feeling the pain and that was only when I started focusing on other things. It seems like I need to be really aware of how I run when I’m on the treadmill (sorry, Kindle, you’ll have to wait!).

Speaking on the topic, I’m looking into a few running books, specifically the kind of reading that helps on form. I’ve found a potential winner, but I don’t want to discuss it until I’ve finished it and tested it out more.

Questions! What running books do you recommend? Or reading material in general? 

This day has been pretty uneventful, other than my run. Spent the evening watching a whole lot of this loveliness: 

Best. Show. Ever. (this year)

I’m on the beginning of Season 3, so NO SPOILERS PLEASE. I will kindly want to throw things at you if you do. (That is, if I was with you)

Dinner consisted again of this humble-looking soup topped with a few crushed tortilla chips and a handful of cherry tomatoes. No pics though, sorry friends.

More important question: who else is obsessed with Downton (and Matthew Crawley) like I am? (To put it in perspective, I’ve watched the first two seasons in about 2 weeks. Loveeeee


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