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I am proud to say today that, for the first time in over a week, I can breathe through both nostrils! Thrilling, I know, but that’s just the life I lead. It normally takes me forever (“foreva eva. Foreva eva?” name that song and we can stay friends) to shake colds so I’m pretty impressed I got over this one quick. It’s one of the many perks of being a preschool teacher.

Another 5K, 6.0mph. I upped it to 7.0 for the last quarter mile. I was feeling confident and wanted to sprint. Almost zero pain during the run and lots of stretches after. I’m working on memorizing my pain free form.

Breakfast was the you-have-about-4-things-in-your-fridge-seriously-woman-go-shopping-fool special: PB&J.

Glamour at its finest.

Thought I would show off my sweaty red-faced self today because I was feeling pretty fancy in my gym clothes today. To preface, I get that red within minutes of any exercise, regardless of how much I breathe or hydrate. What can I say? Pink is my signature color. (Name that movie and we’ll be BFFs)


(I’ll try to center myself a little better next time)

The Goods:

Under Armour UA Tech Longsleeve found here. I bought this last minute before my half as part of my Wicked Witch costume and love it. I wear it under tech jackets all the time. It’s super thin material that still keeps me warm.

C9 by Champion Compression Lined Mesh Shorts. I got them at Target (gotta hunt for those bargains!) but I can’t find them on the website anymore. Love the mobility of mesh shorts but not when it comes to showing off the underpants. The compression liner eliminates any of those problems! (Couldn’t find the shorts online but these from the Champion site are pretty similar.

Question: What are your favorite workout clothes? 

My absolute favorite is my tech hoodie from the Hot Chocolate 15K I did in November, though mainly for comfort and not to work out in. Otherwise, it’s got to be my Armour Bra and some random neon tanks I scored at TJMaxx (pics of those will show up soon, I’m sure)


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