24 at 24

A few days ago this article from Runner’s World popped up on my Twitter feed. I was really interested in reading it because a) I’ve been a little lazier than I usually am, b) I actually need to run since I’ve got that marathon thing to train for and c) I’ve been going through a grumpy, who-cares-about-anything-but-fooood phase (which has been delicious but not so productive). It was wonderful to read through because so many of the motivational kicks in the butt seemed so helpful to me. Many of them reminded me about why I started running in the first place and why I love to run. Talk about a great read to start my week!

I want to start 24 off on the right foot so I’ve compiled my own motivational list of why I live a healthy lifestyle! 24 at 24 (though I’m sure I could probably think of about 6,285,430)

  1. I blog: there’s no blog if I don’t run, unless you really like hearing about ridiculous preschool stories. 
  2. I may hate waking up early, but I realllly hate working out after work.
  3. When I was 18 I couldn’t run a mile without being winded. At 23 I ran 13.1 miles and felt great. What will 24 bring?
  4. There’s no point in buying new running shoes this week if I don’t plan on using them to run.
  5. I was miserable at 174 lbs and feel like a new person at 155. I intend never to go back to the way I was.
  6. Running has brought my coworkers together. We have a new-found love for races that guarantees we will make plans at least a few times in our busy year.
  7. I could live in work out clothes and if I am running everyday at least I have an excuse to.
  8. My favorite way to see the city is running up and down the Lake Shore Path
  9. Race Swag is my favorite part of racing and I hope to create an impressive collection
  10. Apparently it’s only cool to frolic in the park with tutus when you’re park of a 5K.
  11. Any lifestyle that encourages eating carrots, berries, oatmeal, and yogurt is made for me.
  12. Childhood obesity is an epidemic in the United States and I hope that my healthy lifestyle will serve as a great example for all my students.
  13. Sitting and watching Downton Abbey (yeah, yeah, I’m a little late on this one) feels much better when I’ve gotten a good run in.
  14. I sleep much better when I eat well and work out. No insomnia for me, thank you!
  15. I love pinning new recipes and trying them out!
  16. Once in a while I convince some of my friends to run obscenely long distances on their birthday and they don’t think they’ll be able to finish but they end up running with me and we all have a grand old time, and suddenly I have a fantastic running friend who loves to gush about blogs with me.  And who started their own blog (that they have yet to publish their first post on, Caitlin)
    (Me, our friend Kellie, and Caitlin: seriously woman, start your blog!)
  17. Also in reference to the above photo: running a 15K and then eating chocolate fondue? Delishhhh
  18. It’s remarkable to see my strength grow in different areas of my body (my abs and upper body specifically!) I feel pretty rad and strong.
  19. Working out focuses me. It helps me accomplish more in the longterm.
  20. I have this really selfish inner love for passing people when I’m having a great run. Not that I would ever tell anyone about that. I call it “being very competitive.”
  21. I have a really bad sweet tooth (case in point: the bag of starburst jelly beans and dark chocolate m&ms that I brought to lunch with me today) and, let’s be real, exercise minimizes some of the effects that tons of candy the occasional indulgence may bring. 
  22. Running allows me to compete with myself. I’m the only thing keeping myself from winning.
  23. There’s no feeling quite like running a PR or a distance you’ve never ran before.
  24. A run without distractions (music, books on tape, TVs strapped in front of the treadmill) is the best way to get inside my own head, decompress, and reflect on any/everything.

There we have it! Do any of these reasons apply to you to? Why do you lead a healthy life/exercise?



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