Birthday Weekend

Sometimes things work out exactly as they should, and that usually only happens on my birthday. Thank goodness for that!

Got up to go to the gym because I told myself that I had to run on my birthday. No excuses!

Workout: 2.75 miles, 5.0 mph

I ran extra slow and not very long because I wanted to make sure I was listening to my body. This is the first time I’ve hopped back on the treadmill to run since my injury and I don’t want to injure myself again. I didn’t have any music or book on my Kindle, I just kind of focused on breathing and form. (For the record, I’m fairly certain I have terrible form on the treadmill and that’s why I keep wrecking myself.)

After listening to my body, I think what it was saying was “why the heck did you have to go and get injured in the first place you fool?!”

My coworkers are a) adorable and b) so thoughtful. They decorated my room and turned me into a princess for the day with a tutu and tiara.


photo 3

It doesn’t look like it but I swear there are streamers everywhere.

photo 2

My nuggets also made me a card. Seriously, love my job.

The rest of the weekend was spent with friends and family. Friday night was dedicated to friends with a phenom tapas dinner at Twist Chicago followed by drinks (and dancing-but I won’t submit your sensitive eyes to that).


My ladies at dinner


With my best friend #2 and my college roommate. This is as normal as we get when we’re hanging out.

Saturday was spent with my family near home. I wish I had taken pictures but we were all too busy shoving as much delicious Asian food into our mouthes as we could handle.  Oh, and one last thing…this post is brought to you for the first time from my brand spanking new MacBook Pro! (Thanks Mom and Dad!)


Some totally unrelated questions (that are actually related to my thought process writing this post): What are your favorite products at Lululemon? Any recos on what a first time shopper should buy? 

I’ve heard amazing things about their Ta Ta Tamer and as a semi-busty runner I’m curious to try them. I’ve never shopped there (hello, college girl budget) but received some gift cards and really want to make my purchases worthwhile there.

Any of the readers heard of/practice ChiRunning? Your thoughts on it?

As usual, I’m desperate not to injure myself anymore and the sound of ChiRunning really makes it seem like it may help, but I want input from people who may have tried it before.


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