Fun Runs and Ugly Food

I’ve discovered the yummiest, ugliest food in the world and you all need to know about it. Even with a cold I could taste the deliciousness and appreciate it. But first, the rest of my day.

Today was one of the types of days where I didn’t realize how tired I have been until I wake up the second time. I woke up to my alarm, grabbed my phone to check my emails, and then woke up 20 minutes later, phone still in hand and emails unchecked. It put a damper on my morning because I was really looking forward to getting back into the gym for the first time in a while. Between overindulging in San Diego and a cold I’ve developed in the last 24 hours I really wanted a little exercise to get my body back in gear.


Still, I managed to get to the gym with some time left to work out.

15 minutes on Elliptical, 10 minutes stretching legs, 20 minutes abs and upper body work.

Today’s strength exercises consisted of sit ups holding weights, standing side crunches, and bits of the super set I’ve grown to adore live with. Nothing too spectacular or strenuous but considering the congestion issue I have I think it was for everybody’s well-being that I didn’t cough a lung onto a yoga mat in the classroom. (Too much? Oh well)

Food was still bare from travel weekend so I made do with cereal, berries, and almonds with some soy milk before heading to work.

Okay, okayyyy, now on to ugly foods!

I picked up this soup from Trader Joe’s the other day because it sounded so yummy, but I was skeptical

photo 2

(I mean, creamy corn soup without any actual cream or dairy in the ingredients? Please.) Still curiosity got the best of me and for good reason too. This ish is bananas! But it is so, so ugly. It’s truly the ugliest colored food I’ve ever eaten. 

photo 3

(There was no effort on my part to make this photo look pretty. That would have been counterintuitive)

I’ve got to give props to Trader Joe’s. They really must have photoshopped the picture on the box because the yellow color of the soup on the box is not even close to the yummy goodness that came out of it. The best way to describe the real thing would be chartreuse-y tan? Beige-ish green? It’s really not a looker, but with a dollop of sour cream and some cracked black pepper it was divine! (And that is really saying a lot considering I’m so congested I was surprised I even tasted anything) I had it with some tortilla chips and lots of water. 

Fun Runs

My coworkers and I have this fabulous obsession with doing ridiculous, and I mean truly ridiculous 5Ks throughout the year (which would probably explain why my first half marathon was complete with a witch costume and green body paint. I’m really a dignified woman). As preschool teachers, we’re more likely to do anything if there’s a theme involved. It started with the Color Run and now it’s turned into one of my favorite things to plan for each year. Here’s a quick list of some races that we’re looking into this year. *Note, a bunch of these races have multiple locations so they may still work for you if you’re not Chicago-based!*

The Color Run: We did this last year and fell in loveeee with it. We’ve already signed for this year’s race too!
Glow Rush: We just discovered this today but it looks like we may do it too! It’s a combination 5k/Scavenger Hunt that we plan on winning. NBD.
The Monster Dash: I’m partial to this one because this was my first half, but all good vibrations aside, Team Ortho has several fun and very well organized races each year.
Glo Run 6K: An odd distance, I know, but so unique! A bunch of my friends (including Caitlin) ran this and had a fantastic time last year. I may have to join them this time around!

Question: What are your favorite kinds of races?
As far as fun runs go, mine are obviously the crazy ones. And the more use of florescent colors and black lights, the better. I also like races with unique characteristics (whether that’s awesome gear, a unique location, or a great charity that benefits, anything can spark my interest)

One last thing: Feel free to send me chocolate/running gear/tequila since tomorrow is not only my birthday but also National Margarita Day


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