Woke up at sunrise this morning to this glorious view from my hotel room.

Naturally I snapped a picture of it and went back to bed. zzz
When I did finally wake up I had some toast with crunchy peanut butter and slivered almonds, and now I’m watching some Animal Planet because the audio onTeen Mom another educational program wasn’t working.

The agenda for the day is, so far, Sea World! (I am jazzed I finally get to meet Shamu, but more so to see some Polar Bears and Sea Lions)

Since I have a few extra minutes before Jon wakes up, I’m going to grace you with some of the amazing pictures I took at the beach yesterday. Enjoy!

One of the views from Mission Beach. It’s paradise there, and pretty empty because it’s the off-season.

Selfie of me on the ocean. It was windy!

Had to Instagram this picture. Absolutely flawless. I’m seriously never leaving.

These little nugget birds were so adorable, sticking their beaks in the sand. Anybody know what they’re called??

Another view from our walk on the beach.

And then there was dinner….I could write a song about how good my dinner was. We went to Lighthouse in Point Loma and I had Seafood Dynamite:

Scallops topped with lobster and crab meat, on too of sautéed spinach and potatoes. I died.

Question: Have you ever been in the San Diego area? Is there any seafood/food in general that I need to eat before I leave?


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