3 Things Thursday: Valentine’s Day edition!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Or, as I like to think of it, the beginning of the 8 Day Countdown to my birthday! It’s only past 9 and so far this morning I’ve already noshed on a thousand some chocolate covered pretzels that a coworker made for the teachers. Since it’s Valentine’s Day I think that my 3 things will be centered around the theme of the day: love. (Note, I will probably be stretching to make things fit into this).

1. I’ve been showing a lot of love to the lame underappreciated art of walking this week. I’m usually not a fan of walking, mostly because I get bored and never seem to go as far as I want to or sweat as much as I would like. However, my leg is still not feeling 100% better so I’m opting out of running until it does. It seems to agitate it most when I run on the treadmill 😦

I did give it a chance though when I saw PBFingers 25 minute walking workout. I figured that even if I did hate walking it would be over relatively quickly. I enjoyed myself though and really got a work out! The quick incline changes really made a difference in my boredom level too. I’ve been focusing a lot on doing weights and core workouts too, and spent a good 20 minutes doing that too. (Oh, and I’ve included 10-15 minutes of stretching every time I work out.)

2. Had to pack desperately for my weekend trip to San Diego! I can’t wait to go see Jon again. It’s going to be a blast.

3. Foodie thing: breakfast was Greek yogurt with almonds and an apple.


I’m reading Ellen Degenere’s book
“Seriously…I’m Kidding” and it’s hilarious


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