Onions & Orchids

No, it’s not some secret superfood combination that I’ve discovered. It’s just a game. Has anyone ever played it at some point in their life? (Also known as Hills and Valleys and, I’m sure, 1,347,498 other names. I happen to think O&O offers the most creative imagery) Its that’s ice breaker that everyone knows where you say one great thing that’s happened to you recently and then one not-so-great thing.

Yesterday was definitely an onions and orchids kind of day. A few weeks ago I ordered myself a pair of Pro Compression knee high marathon socks, that look an awful lot like these:
Picture 2

(image cred)

because I was very curious about how they might help me perform my long runs. I have to preface this by saying that I’m normally extremely thrifty when it comes to buying clothes like socks but they had a pretty sweet discount of 40% on their black apparel in January so I braved the big purchase. About a week later I was very pleased to find this in the mail!

photo 1

I decided to test it out on my run yesterday morning.

photo 2

Putting them on before going to the gym! They kept my legs warm under my yoga pants

Workout: 3.25 miles, between 6.3 and 6.5 mph, 0.5%incline, followed by some ab work, aka planksonplanksonplanks

I ran fast, I ran well, and without any soreness and it was awesome!!! (If you can’t tell, this is totally the orchid part of the post). 10 minutes after taking those wonderful socks off I felt some really terrible pain at the bottom of my left calf muscle. I had what I thought was some soreness from the prior day’s run that went away while I was running. Of course my brain thought that I had worked through it but it really was just the beautiful compression technology of the socks that kept the pain at bay. (Spoliler alert: onion moment coming up) I spent the rest of the day limping, icing, and generally trying not to move my left ankle, which is much more difficult than one would think when you’re a preschool teacher and have to chase tots and two year olds all day. I’m going to take a few rest days and hope it’s just a minor strain that will heal on its own. Which means I can be found on my couch rocking the really atrractive ace bandage/ice pack/fuzzy sock/sweatpants combo until further notice.


Which only makes me think about this song.


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