Happy National Pancake Day

Sometime in the afternoon I realized it was National Pancake Day, and it really put a smile on my face.


Usually, I am more of a waffle girl, unless the pancake is an apple cinnamon pancake from this fine establishment. Dinner had planned itself then in the form of breakfast (which is my favorite way to eat breakfast foods, by the way). I made some fabulous two-ingredient pancakes that I discovered on this blog! I used one egg and an egg white because the batter was not quite as eggy as it normally is and I made them small so I got four. I topped them with some plain yogurt, Trader Joe’s Banana Nut Clusters, and a spoonful of peanut butter (it’s hidden there somewhere!). It was so delicious. My pan and stove were being kind of finicky today (read: I was impatient) and so a few of my pancakes were blackened a little darker than I normally like.

(Look at me using yogurt and cereal to cover up overcooked pancakes. I’m not fooling anyone)

Also featured in dinner today was half a grapefruit. There was one on the stand at Trader Joe’s that was at least 10 times more ruby than all the others. It was fate that I buy it. Yummmm.

Question: Do you like pancakes? What is your favorite breakfast place?
Walker Brothers is definitely my favorite place, but I love breakfast food in general so I’m ususally content.


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