Sheen Status

Workout: 5 miles on treadmill, 6.0mph

My prediction was right. I did forget something. Fortunately it was minor (a brush) so my hair is just going to have to deal with being a little unruly today.  But to be honest I’m digging the lion’s mane au naturel look that came of it.

Turns out some people have a good idea going when it comes to working out in the morning. I’ve got lots of things that I loved about it and a few I hated. Negatives first, so we can end on a bright note.
(-) Waking up at 5AM

(-) Waking up at 5AM (I really am not a fan)

(-) Getting out of bed

(-) Forgetting my headphones. Thank goodness that’s an easy fix.

(-) No convenient place to eat breakfast and not enough time to run home to eat, which means I’m left sitting alone in the closed food court at the mall my gym is in while waiting for the bus


WCRG, party of one?

(+) 90% of the treadmills are free at 5:40AM (Yes, it took me over a half hour to roll out of bed, put on the clothes I had laid out the night before, and walk two blocks to the gym. Cut me some slack, I’m still getting used to this.)

(+) Showering at the gym. I don’t want to take up anyone’s time, so I’m super quick and efficient about it, which means no more distractions like examining cuticles and split ends (attractive, I know)

(+++++) I can be at home in sweats about 3 hours earlier than I would if I went to the gym after work (which makes this quite deserving of 5 pluses)

I am so happy that I did the extra prep work to be ready to run out the door this morning. Last night, I made some coffee that I threw in the fridge to drink on my way to the gym and prepped some overnight oats that I mashed some remaining raspberries into when it was time to eat. Didn’t have to think about anything this morning and it was amazing.

The hardest part of the day was getting out of my apartment. I know that’s always the hardest part of any workout but I thought it so funny that as soon as I was out on the street I had a total change of attitude.  Suddenly it was “well, I’m up so I may as well do it.” I think once I realized the possibility of crawling back into bed was completely gone I was ready to go.

I’ll probably try it out again tomorrow. Woop!

(OH, and the fact that the wonderful cook at my school let me launder my gym towel when I got to work? Made my day even better.)

 Sheen Status


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