Always Drink the Water

The title of my post today is the very important lesson I learned today, but I’ll fill you in on that story later. First let’s talk food!

Breakfast was overnight oats (raspberry flavor) and I finally got my hand on some chia seeds so I tried a mix of chia and ground flaxseed in it. Worked like a dream. It was so creamy and delicious, and the crunch of the chia was an added little texture bonus. No picture though because I was running behind this morning.

Lunch was leftovers from Sunday night’s dinner out at Vapiano in Chicago. I love this place for so many reasons, one being how close it is to home. I also like the really casual concept where you use a swipe card at the different stations and just pay at the end. Also, it has a bar. And bread with every dish. And you get gummy bears instead of mints at the end. I got penne pasta with italian sausage and roasted pepper, onions, and eggplant with a tomato sauce. The woman made it extra spicy and I gobbled up a bunch, but after it got to sit for two days it was even ymmier. Had it today with a bowl of corn on the side and my handy school water bottle (a gift from a former student)

photo 3

Dinner was a belated pre-planned Monday night dinner. I made salmon en papillote that I had marinated with a little garlic and lemon that day. (Over) Roasted some brussels sprout and fixed up some chili-spiced whole wheat couscous, and for some crunch I chopped up some red bell pepper. Had to take some pictures because it was so good, and all homemade!

photo 1

(Pre opening the salmon. I may have overdone it a little on the brussels)

photo 2

Look at that salmon in all it’s lemony goodness! And it only took 15 minutes.

Back to the namesake of this post….

Workout: Made good on the freebie my gym gives away of one personal training session and felt every minute of it. I made the silly mistake of telling him the areas that I really wanted to work on (who does that, anyway?) so he put me through his super-set on my arms and the most ridiculous ab exercises I’ve ever done. After my first 3 sets, he told me to drink some water. I told him “I’m good for now” and his response was “You’re going to regret saying that. 15 burpees.” How he knew burpees are my absolute least favorite exercise in the whole world was beyond me. Maybe he was reading on some subconscious thoughts of mine (ie “don’t make me do burpees, don’t make me do burpees”) That of course was followed by jumping jacks, high knees, and butt kicks. It was not nice but that’s exactly the kind of training I need.

Question: Have you ever had a personal trainer? What was your experience like?

And now my arms feel like jello and I can’t wait for the soreness tomorrow! Time to hop into bed and recuperate these arms. More details about the Super Set in the morning!


One thought on “Always Drink the Water

  1. I have weekly sessions with my personal trainer and he makes me work so hard 😦 but thats the point of having one, so that you can aim to get that same level of intensity every time you exercise. This week was a killer on my shoulders :S I feel like I have hulk shoulders!

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