Weekend Update: Part 1

As I said, I would be sure to fill you in on everything today!

Saturday was filled with lots of stress everywhere, and particularly in the gym. I am now the proud owner of a shiny new gym membership (woot woot!) but my first workout there was anything but successful. I wanted to really stretch my legs so, after a 5 minute warm up, I decided to run on the track instead of the treadmill. Therein followed the slowest mile I have ever run in my life. I was so discouraged by my pace that I actually just called it quits after the one. I know I should have pushed myself through and, given how I tend to start slower than I need to, my pace would have picked up, but I I felt really defeated. I resorted to using the inclined elliptical (what’s that called again??) for a little while and then went home and hid under my blanket for a while. ūüė¶

[Note: That night I ended up going to sleep¬†much earlier than I normally do and slept about 2 hours longer than normal. I think it must have been an off day for my body overall and that’s probably why I didn’t have a great workout]

One good thing did come of that day in the form of my gym membership. So far I can say that I love the facilities and really love the environment of the gym. Getting a gym membership was more work than I thought. Going into my tour that morning, I had thought extensively about the things that I need or really want in a gym, and it got me wondering about what others look for in them. Here’s my list:

  • Proximity, either to work¬†or¬†home. If it’s not easy for me to get to, I won’t be going there.
  • Lots¬†of cardio equipment. Most gyms are great about having a number of cardio machines but don’t you hate it when there are also always lots of people always using the machines? UGH. I look to see that there are lots of empty cardio machines even when the gym is crowded. And speaking of equipment….
  • Little to no “Out of Order” signs on any equipment.
  • A variety of classes offered at a variety of times, particularly early morning and later in the evening, when I would be working out.
  • An indoor track. This last item switches between being a necessity and being on the wish list, considering I live in a big city where real estate is very expensive. I was spoiled in college with a gym that had a track 1/8 of a mile long but I’ve grown to realize any other gym in the city that has something like that is farrr out of my budget.

My gym met every single one of the criteria (even the track with gorgeous city views, although it’s itty bitty!) so I am one happy camper. Also, it’s going to be getting a major facelift in the next few months but because I signed up before all that I’m grandfathered in to the old rates.¬†Score!

Your turn: What do you look for in a gym? 


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