Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Workout: 6.06 mile run, 0% incline, 65 minutes. 5ish minute warm up and cool down on elliptical

A funny thing happened at the gym yesterday. I get on a treadmill and turn it on to my usual mileage (5-5.2mph) and am suddenly surprised by the fact that I am still walking. After some investigation I notice that my treadmill is showing speed in kph. As it turns out, the treadmill I happened to be on was running in German. Of course something that silly would happen to me, but I am too proud/lazy/embarrassed to find another treadmill that speaks my language so I truck on with it. Granted, after the initial shock of “How fast am I actually going?” and “how will I know how long I’ve run?” I realized that I run 5k all the time and I know exactly how many miles that is. A few online conversions later (Thank you Google!) I was situated into the comfortable speed of 9.3(ish) kph. 

I still felt defeated after my horrible run yesterday so I swore to kick my own butt this week (hence the doubly far run). The strange thing was that even after what I thought would be a grueling workout I felt really good. I think I underestimate my abilities a little.  Which was  a very pleasant surprise and incentive to work harder from now on.

Have you ever given yourself less credit for your athletic abilities? What have you surprised yourself in doing?


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