Three Things Thursday

 Workout: Rest Day.

Today was jam packed at the conference and I had tons of cleaning/laundry folding to do so I decided to have a relaxing day free of working out. (Please note: I say this as I sit on my La-Z Boy, with two sweatshirts, under my sherpa blanket. I take this business very seriously.)

Since I have no workout to discuss, I’m making up a new tradition: Three Things Thursday! Here are 3 random items about my day…

  1. One of my coworkers convinced me to join her at a workshop I completely overlooked earlier, and that was Meditation for Teachers. It was worth it. Got some time to practice meditation and refocus on myself. This presenter was all about us remembering about ourselves and taking time to re-energize. That reaffirmed the fact that I needed to do all the chores I’ve let slide. My stress level has gone down significantly.
  2. Found this nook at the convention center. No one was in this sun room and it was nice to spend 10 minutes away from everyone and enjoying a really interesting view. photo 1
  3. Had salmon planned for dinner today but wanted something extra delicious to go with it. I couldn’t decide what it would be until one of my friends posted a picture of lots of appetizers, and the caprese popped out at me. That’s when it hit me and I had to make bruschetta. I’m trying to think of an alternative of the yummy, non-filling, crusty white baguette that I have to eat with my bruschetta but nothing quite hits the spot. I gobbled this meal down and wish I had made about quadruple the bruschetta.

    photo 2

    (I swear there’s bread under those tomatoes)

    There you have it! Now it’s your turn. What are 3 things that happened on your Thursday? How do you de-stress?


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