Meal Planning Pt 1

I was going to go broke if I kept buying the expensive food at the convention center, so I needed to plan my food for the week a little more than I usually do.

(What I usually do= open fridge. Grab cucumber, carrots, and bell pepper. Chop up and eat with whatever protein I have defrosted that day, usually chicken. Follow with chocolate and fresh fruit. If I forgot to defrost, eat veggies with hummus)

It’s a wonderful plan, when I don’t have to be in a convention center 10 hours a day and I get served 2 meals and a snack at work.

Since one of my favorite bloggers raves about her overnight oats all the time I thought to start there. Both grocery stores that I went to were out of chia seeds though! The next best thing I could find was ground flaxseed. My preschool experience has taught me that flaxseeds get thick when they’re wet (they’re a mess to clean up) so I decided to experiment. As per her suggestion I used a flavored greek yogurt (blueberry, in this case). Pre-sitting overnight and so far, so good I think.

It’s fine…oatmeal’s supposed to be purple, right?

The final result, topped with blueberries and Trader Joe’s Mixed Berry Clusters (and coffee of course):



This oatmeal is thick! I added a little more almond milk this morning to loosen things up a little and it was still pretty thick. But it tastes very good and is quite filling. I might make a few changes next time:

  • Add a little more milk than the half cup called for 
  • Take time to mix the flaxseed well with the yogurt or milk (I didn’t do this and found several flaxseed clumps, which was not pleasant at all. Phlegm-y is the best word to describe it)
  • Try it with Chia Seeds like the recipe calls for. I will be checking in on Trader Joe’s until they have them in stock again.
  • Split it into two portions. The flavor was yummy so I scarfed it down and am now feeling super full, but it could have easily become my breakfast and a snack.

All my food for the day is packed too! This should help me make it through without overspending.


Apple, banana, yesterday’s chocolate milk, spicy hummus, and some pretzels, carrots, and some yellow bell pepper strips to dip. I took this as a great opportunity to load up on fresh fruits and veggies, and since it won’t be a very active day I think that should keep me full.

Question: what’s your favorite quick food to pack to-go?


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