Pricey Salads

Spending all day at a conference means that I did a lot of sitting. I was at the Opening Minds Conference which, for those that don’t know, is a huge Early Childhood Education convention in Chicago. On my way down, I got off the bus too early (like over a mile early) so I was forced to walk in the most roundabout way to the convention center in 15 degree weather. So that was fun…

But in keeping with my resolution of staying positive, I did come across a pretty great view of the skyline, complete with Soldier Field, the home of my beloved Bears 🙂

photo 1

Grabbed lunch at the convention center, which I will NOT do again this week.

photo 2

“Healthy Salad” which had shredded carrots, zucchini, squash, couple pieces of broccoli, and diced tomatoes. Dressing options were slim so I only used a little of the Caesar. Bought chocolate milk to snack on later since I’ll be stuck inside, and a bottle of water. That came out to $15! Wayyy too overpriced and I’ll be planning my meals for the rest of the week.

Got a sweet treat: green tea and some of these chocolate-y yummies.

photo 3

I’m justifying them by saying the raspberries and blueberries have antioxidants, and that I needed a little something sweet. They were super delicious too! I snacked on them through the two workshops I was in and didn’t even need chocolate milk. (I think I’ll save that for tomorrow).


Decided to try the 10-10-10 Strength & Cardio Circuit workout from Sweet Tooth Sweet Life except instead of power walking the one-minute cardio intervals, I sprinted them at 7mph. Boy was it intense! Worked up a serious sweat doing it and figured out where my weaknesses are in those 3 muscle groups (shoulders, and I have a weak left side, in case you were wondering). It felt really good finishing it though, and the time flew by too.

photo 4

37 minutes went by in a super sweaty heartbeat (that includes 10 minutes warming up and cooling down!)

I’m pretty sure I’m going to feel this one in the morning. Can’t wait!

I also said goodbye to the last of my leftover chili from Sunday. Chili has a way of doing this, but it was about 10 times more flavorful and delicious for dinner today as it was 3 days ago. Perfect end to the night.


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