Facing Your Fears

So I’ve decided to give this whole natural texture idea in my hair another go. What do you think?

Selfie in the bathroom. #studiolivingproblems
Selfie in the bathroom. #studiolivingproblems

I’ve got a real love-hate relationship with my hair. Love: how much I have, natural blondness. Hate: how much I have. For a long time I’ve been blow-drying it straight and then curling it with my wand… heat damage central, I know. I just couldn’t stand how it looks when it dries naturally (flat up top, bushy at the bottom, greasy in half the time) and it was impossible to blow dry it with the wave (think lion’s mane, only less fierce). Butttt, an hour of styling a day got the best of me so, after putting many kinds of products in my hair and some strategic drying, I’m giving it another chance. We’ll see how long it lasts.


My nut-job of a boyfriend went skydiving yesterday and tried to convince me that “it’s not too bad.” HA! I’m not going to fall for that. There’s no way that it wasn’t absolutely terrifying but I’m really proud of him. Like he said, sometimes you’ve “got to stare fear in the eyes” and so I decided to think about some of my fears.

  • falling (hence why I think skydiving is absolutely insane)
  • stepping on worms (this one goes way back to a horrific walk with my parents and childhood dog…I still freak out whenever it rains)
  • failure (duh)

In that same vein of failure I hate going back on my word to people, which I consider just another version of failing. I also don’t like telling people about goals I have since I feel like I have to follow through. So in facing that fear I guess I’m going to have to announce this:

I am going to run the 2013 Chicago Marathon. 

Eep! Damage done!


My “Stairmaster”: Basement to rooftop of my building (14 stories) five times while waiting for someone to finish up on the treadmill. Twice power walking up and down, twice grape-vined upstairs (once left leg leading, once right. My outer thighs hate me), once alternating sprinting and walking each floor. The last time up killed me.

Treadmill: 3.4 miles, 5.0 mph, 0% incline. I was done with slopes after the stairs.

I took a cold water immersion bath for the first time afterwards too. I’ll let you know how it worked in the morning!


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