Sworkit Out: Antarctica Edition

It is cold freezing outside. Like, North Pole cold. Like, bomber hat and scarf cold. Like, leggings under pants cold. I am less than thrilled. But on the bright side it’s supposed to get colder tomorrow. OH WAIT… 😦


Bundled up to head into the cold, cruel world; bomber hat, alpaca scarf, and high school mittens in tow (those suckers have lasted me 8 years. Go Cougars!)

I may have lived here my entire life, but there is no way I’m ever going to get used to this kind of weather. I don’t mind it being cold. I mind me being cold. I can only handle about 5% of my skin to be exposed to the cold at any given time (as evidenced by the glorious photo above) so as soon as the temperature starts dipping I cover every inch of myself. Between November and March, you can find me under a thick layer of down.

The whole point of this is to say that there is no way you will find me running outside in winter. Therefore I need to figure out how to run on this darn treadmill without it ruining my knee. I also learned the hard way that I will probably have to suck it up and buy that gym membership I’ve been putting off.


Jogging stairs to rooftop of building (13 floors) twice. Sworkit app for 15 minutes (10 min Anything Goes, 5 min Core).

Went to run on the treadmill in the rec room of my building only to find that someone was already using it (yeah, yeah, time to tour that gym down the street). I had almost admitted defeat when a last minute decision made me run the stairs of my building. I give serious credit to anyone that runs in hilly terrain; my legs felt ready to collapse after floor 6.

Once that torture was over, I tried out the Sworkit App. Sworkit is an application I heard about via a friend. It’s a body weight circuit training app where you can customize how long your workouts are and what area they focus on. I love anything I can do without weights and in my living room so I thought I would give it a go.

First I tried the “Anything Goes” area, and that was pretty good. It was nice that all the circuits are in 30-second intervals so I never got bored or too tortured by one exercise. They also included short breaks (also 30-seconds) which I’m sure I would have appreciated had the workout been longer than 10 minutes. It was a pretty basic workout though and I think next time I would try to challenge myself in some of the moves. There were some moves I could have incorporated my weights or kettle bell to make them more challenging; I’ll keep that in mind next time!

The Core workout was much tougher than the first one I tried (but that could be because I have some pretty pathetic abs!). Made it through with only minor cursing at my phone, because how could it have possibly known burpees are my least favorite move in the world and then done it twice?! That’s just cruel.

I did enjoy it though. This would probably be a lifesaver for if I’m traveling and wherever I’m staying has no gym.

Dinner was lazy


So I microwaved a Boca burger and chopped up half a cucumber. What of it?

Between chili for dinner last night, chili that I had with my students at school for lunch today, and the leftover chili I will no doubt have tomorrow for lunch, I needed a change tonight. And a yummy quick fix. Now it’s off to hide under my sherpa blanket and pretend I’m on a beach somewhere.


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