The Maiden Voyage of the Crock Pot

Though 2013 has barely begun, it has been quite a busy year regardless. Yesterday I was blessed to have my very first day of nothing- no work, no obligations, no alarm clock, just me! How refreshing!

I started out my day with a double batch of Two-Ingredient Pancakes that I discovered on Carrots ‘N’ Cake. Mine were topped with some yogurt, Very Berry Cluster cereal from Trader Joe’s, and pomegranate seeds. Soooo good. I also made a few slices of turkey bacon to go with it.


I can’t even begin to describe how deliciously filling these pancakes are. If there wasn’t so much filling protein in my meal I could eat many more of those.

Cleaning was on the agenda for the day, and so was my biggest adventure of the weekend; breaking out the crock pot for the first time! 🙂 🙂 🙂

I decided I wanted something super yummy, so the clear winner was chili! I adapted the “Debbie’s Crock Pot Chili” recipe from in a few ways. First, I used Boca veggie crumbles instead of beef since my sister (who’s vegan) was going to be over for dinner. I also added some frozen corn and a bell pepper that I had in the fridge to up the nutrition value of the dish too. A quick trip to the new grocery store in my neighborhood and I was ready to go.


The cheese is for me to shred over my chili because, well, cheese.


Right before I put the crumbles on top. I couldn’t resist a picture of the pretty colors. 

6 very impatient hours later, this is the result.


 It was delicious! I added cheese to the top of mine and ate it with some Trader Joe’s Black Bean and Quinoa chips, and some raspberries on the side. And it was super filling too; I only had one bowl (about a cup) and now I have tons of leftovers.


3.7 miles on the treadmill, 5.0 mph, 1% incline. I used to get terrible knee pain while running on the treadmill (but never outdoors) so I’m starting slow and really trying to adapt to it. So far, so good!


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